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Inattentive Driving

Inattentive motorists pose a notable danger to others. Taking the hands of the wheel, visual diversions that pull the driver's perception away from the road, and mental distractions can all be elements of an auto accident.


Speeding kills approximately ten thousand motorists a year in the U.S. alone. Frequently drivers will not only disregard the limits of an area set by the local municipalities or country; the driver will ignore road conditions.

Drowsiness and Fatigue

Over 70,000 drivers a year are involved in sleep-deprived related crashes. Medications, alcohol disorders, or excessive work schedules can all contribute to this dangerous cause of auto-related accidents.

Alcohol Related Accidents

Nearly thirty people a day die in alcohol-related accidents in the United States.
Roughly one death occurs every fifty minutes. This dangerous depressant slows the brain and body's response time resulting in decreased driving ability.

Improper Auto Maintenance

Poorly or improperly maintained vehicles are a significant cause of auto accidents every day. Tires, hoses, brakes, and other poorly serviced or neglected components are a dangerous contributor to accidents and deaths in Orlando.

Defective Parts

Your safety is compromised when your new or used auto has been purchased or serviced with defective parts. Manufacturers and auto part companies are liable for damages you have realized when these units cause an accident.

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