Speeding and Fatalities

Speeding causes more fatalities in car accidents than any other contributing factor. Speeding is part of many Orlando car accidents. Unreasonable speed can create an accident because it raises a car's stopping distance, and the laws of physics reduce a car’s steadiness and control to at higher velocities. Additionally, when speeding causes a collision, it can also make the resulting damages significantly more serious.

When motorists speed, they endanger not only their personal lives but also the lives of everyone who shares the road. In Orlando, a speeding driver who creates a crash can be held accountable for the injuries that occur. Even if the operator wasn’t overstepping the posted speed limit, the speed could have been too quick for the weather or traffic situations, indicating the driver was still negligent.

If there is an inclement climate such as rain or fog, motorists are supposed to decrease their speed to account for the slick roads and reduced visibility. Likewise, in heavy-traffic conditions or other hazardous situations where a collision is more prone to happen, drivers who employ sound and suitable consideration will regulate their speed to a level where they can safely manage their car.

Speeding and Driver Responsibilty

Under Orlando law, a speeding motorist could be held responsible for any resulting damages in a collision where speed was a contributory determinant. Speed limits are for the protection of citizens. When we prove that a motorist was speeding and that the speeding contributed to the collision, the operator can be seen as negligent. A negligent motorist can be held liable for giving damages for losses, including medical costs, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

Our Orlando car accident lawyers at KWB Law can assist you to collect the evidence you require to determine that the other operator was speeding. This can be more complicated in instances where the driver was going too quick for conditions but not violating the speed limit. We put our team of investigators to work for you. Evidence gathered at the scene and the testimony of eyewitnesses can be applied to assist you in proving fault in speeding collisions. 

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Speeding and Negligence

For over 30 years, we have served auto accident victims and their families in Orlando and throughout Florida.
To receive financial compensation in an auto accident, you must prove that the negligence of another party produced your collision and your damages. Speeding can often be a form of negligence.

Negligence is when a person fails to use the concern that an everyday, reasonable individual would have applied in identical or comparable situations.

In an auto accident case, you need to reveal not only that the other operator was speeding, but additionally that the excessive speed created your injuries or the death of a loved one.



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