Defective Parts

Product Liability

Auto part defects are defects in the design or production of an automobile. Design defects are planned components of the design itself that are faulty. If the design of a car's frame does not support the safety of its occupants, design defects are apparent. A manufacturing defect is a defect that was not planned but instead transpired because a problem was missed through manufacturing. When this occurs, the occupants of the car are at greater risk of injury and death in the case of an accident. Auto product liability cases have the potential to be complex, but our legal team has the expertise to manage them correctly.

Our product liability lawyers at KWB Law will provide you with the lawyer you need to properly present your case against an automobile manufacturer to gain the monetary compensation for the damages you have sustained as the outcome of a defective auto part. We can manage cases associated with design or manufacturing defects in all varieties of auto parts and represent your case right here in Orlando.

Defective Design

Defective vehicle configuration is a fundamental field of interest as it may create a car accident or may end in injuries that would have been circumvented if the vehicle had been correctly produced. Safety standards for cars and automobile companies have been put in place to protect the public and consumers. Automobiles, including passenger cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles, are all scrutinized and must follow quality and safety guidelines. Frequently, manufacturers reduce suitable design methods to lessen expenses and expedite programs. By the time a defective car is recalled, it may have caused numerous collisions and damages.

  1. Fuel Systems
  2.  Tires
  3. Seat Belt & Airbags
  4. Car & SUV Roof Issues

These are some examples of typical defective concerns.

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Orlando Product Liability Lawyers

New automobiles are complicated devices that have thousands of components, each essential to assure it operates correctly, and occupants remain protected. When the manufacturing of these machines is done poorly, or when parts fail to function properly, the consequences can be life-threatening. These design and part defects can generate tires to fail with no indication or vehicles to roll over. Sufferers of these car defect occurrences can arrange a product liability claim to collect damages.


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