Inattentive Driving

Operating The Phone While Driving

Distracted or inattentive driving is the number one cause of accidents in Orlando. This is an unfortunate statistic, being that these types of accidents are entirely preventable. The simple act of paying close attention to the matter at hand, in this case, being the operation of the motor vehicle, can significantly reduce the chance of an auto accident. The distracted drivers are very much at fault in these incidents, and our law firm has successfully represented countless victims in lawsuits here in the Orlando area.

Cell phones are the dominant cause of distracted driving. Often a driver doesn't have to be operating the cell phone to be the cause of an auto accident. The ringing of the cell phone or the alert tone of an incoming text message can often cause sufficient distraction to the driver to cause an accident. One would believe that hands-free calling is a smart and responsible option for utilizing the phone while operating a motor vehicle. The fact is that when one's focus is removed from the single function of driving, it is often enough to distract a driver, resulting in a car crash.

Passenger Distractions

Small children, teenagers, or groups of children in the car can be great distractions to the driver. Many families in the Orlando area participate in the extracurricular activities of their children. Sport team practices, carpooling, or merely dropping groups of children at the mall can result in being distracted to the point where a car accident can occur. These types of events are regrettable in that they often involve groups of children. Our firm has represented many people who have been in car collisions operated by a distracted parent. As unfortunate as that may be, the inattentive driver is still very much responsible for your damages.

Pets can be equally responsible for causing an auto accident. It is crucial that you properly strap in and restrain your pets so that they are not behaving in a manner that causes you to remove your focus from the operation of the motor vehicle.


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Staying Focused

To be dependable while driving, it’s essential to hold all of your concentration directed at the operation of the motor vehicle. Distracted drivers cause the most significant number of car accidents in Orlando.

Drivers need to remember that experience is not a substitute for focus. Distracted driving places lives in danger. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident here in Orlando, contact us right away. We will deploy our team of investigators to the scene to determine the best course of action in pursuit of damages. Remember, the consultation is free, we will pay all upfront related costs, and we will not make any money until you win your case.


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